What’s the Best Cannabis Strain Database?

Bethan Jenkins

May 8th, 2017

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Today, we have more choice when it comes to selecting a cannabis strain than ever before. Pot lovers are as excited as a kid in a candy shop, what with the variety of dabs, edibles, oils, and buds flourishing by the day. Understanding which strains and varieties of cannabis you should consume, whether it is for medicinal purposes or purely for leisure (which a lot of us tend to enjoy), can leave you feeling overwhelmed. With so many strains to choose from, how are you supposed to know which marijuana-infused products are going to positively affect your mood and/or medicinal requirements?

Your cannabis strain choice must be based according to your preferences, such as strains with the best yields (if you intend on flowering and harvesting bud), strains with the highest tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content for pain relief, and marijuana strains that have won awards for the experience they provide the user, etc.

Marijuana Strains and Their Properties

Before you begin the skunk shopping experience, let’s take a moment to understand exactly what cannabis strains are. A strain is a pure or hybrid type of cannabis. Certain characteristics of the plant can be cultivated and enhanced when a strain is developed in a specific way. Generally, the higher the percentage of cannabinoids the strain contains, the better the effects will be, following consumption.

Typically, the varieties of cannabis strains out there are derived from the following types of marijuana:

  • C. sativa
  • C. indica
  • C. ruderalis.

Recently, there has even been talking about defining strains depending on their reported subjective effects. A cannabis strain will usually have a distinct name that is memorable and attracts market attention in decriminalized retail or medical marijuana markets.

Using a Cannabis Strain Database to Find Your Favorite Bud

So, what’s the best cannabis strain database and how can it benefit you? The number of cannabis strain identifier tools online nowadays is growing just as rapidly as the market, which hit the $7 billion figure in 2016! Thousands of strains are listed online, some of which are preferred by breeders and others that are favored by users.

Here are a few cannabis strain databases and the reasons why each database deserves a special mention on the list:

  • HERB Cannabis Strains Database – Browse hybrid strains, Indica strains, edible strains, and Sativa strains on this database. Strains are also categorized by popularity and what is trending at the current time.
  • Medstrains – Check out The Medical Marijuana Strain Database on this website, which claims to be the “#1 authoritative source” for information pertaining to medical marijuana strains, including the medicinal usages and strain genetics. Information and pictures about new strains are added to the site daily.
  • SeedFinder – Every strain featured on this site is listed with its seed bank and breeders. The information you can glean from the database include commercial availability, flowering time, height, effects, and aroma.
  • 420-101 – Strain names like Platinum Cookies, Blue Dream, and Blueberry Diesel are a few examples of the tempting strains you’ll see on 420-101’s list. Hover your mouse over a cannabis strain to read its “top 5 medical uses” and reviews.
  • The Cannabis Strain Directory – The website name says it all. An extensive database of highly detailed cannabis strains, this directory’s specs, medicinal uses, photos, and the information is sourced from 100+ worldwide seed breeders.
  • POTUPEDIA – This medical marijuana strain guide is a comprehensive source and claims to be the largest database of its kind on the web. Each strain featured on the site has a description, explanation, and definition.
  • Cannaversity – Offering cannabis awareness and education to its readers, Cannaversity has introduced a Cannabis Strain Guide for pot advocates and growers. The stabilized cannabis strains listed on the database are growing daily. They also welcome submissions.

How to Feel the Effects of the Best Cannabis Strains

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What’s the best cannabis strain database?”, the hemp hunting can begin. The way in which you choose to get high or relieve yourself of the many medical-related problems that may be eased with marijuana consumption, such as a migraine, insomnia, and arthritis, is totally up to you. Most people choose to smoke weed after selecting a strain from an online database.

Joints, blunts, pipes, and bongs aside, you could brew a potent THC-filled pot of tea. Alternatively, join the “dabbing” craze by using strains to make cannabis oil, or experience a euphoric feeling by heating up the psychoactive ingredients with a vaporizer. Dropping some liquid marijuana extract on your tongue using a tincture is a fast way to feel the effects without smoking it, as are THC sprays. Conversely, you could just cook a batch of weed cookies and invite the neighbors around!

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