Top 8 Must-Have Cannabis Apps

Kelly Weimert

July 21st, 2017


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It’s no surprise that increasing access to cannabis in the United States is catching the eyes of app developers looking to capitalize on the expanding market. And that’s great news for us as consumers because it means we have thousands of marijuana-related apps to choose from and potentially enjoy.

But just because there are a lot of them doesn’t mean they’re all useful or high quality. A lot of the current cannabis apps on the market are filled with bugs and functions that won’t enhance your life in any way.

To make your search for the best apps easy on you, we scoured the ‘net to discover the most well-designed, useful and interesting cannabis apps out right now so you can start enjoying them today.


For anyone who’s interested in growing cannabis but isn’t sure what, exactly, the process entails, downloading the simLeaf app is a great starting point. This app is essentially a grow simulator for pot. You start with a few simulated seeds and are tasked with tending to them in the same way you would a real plant. If you don’t look after them properly, they’ll die. From water systems to light sources, you’ll learn about advanced growing techniques and equipment that could seriously improve your real-life harvest once the time comes.


Massroots has become incredibly popular and has approximately one million active members. The app is designed to create a network of cannabis enthusiasts wherein they can read breaking marijuana news, receive location-specific cannabis insight and information, as well as view an Instagram-like stream of photos and videos by users featuring cannabis-infused images. The app also encourages its users to connect with one another as “Buds” so that you can directly share content with like-minded folks.


This app is a must for anyone on the hunt for a legal cannabis dispensary. Since its 2008 inception, WeedMaps has been covering an increasingly wide breadth of the world’s cannabis specialists and businesses, giving users information on where to find the best dispensaries, doctors, and local delivery services. The app also allows you to do research on cannabis and cannabis-related products, allowing you to search by brand, product, and location.


If you’ve graduated from learning to grow cannabis via the aforementioned simLeaf app and you’re ready to start growing your own plants, then it’s time to download Growtronix. This app is in a class all its own and it’s not available in standard app stores—you have to contact the makers to get it. But don’t let that discourage you as nearly every grower can benefit from this app. It’s essentially a full-on automated system for growing your plants. Comprised of both hardware and software, once you sign up for the basic package you’ll get controllers, a network interface, sensors for temperature and humidity, as well as apps to help you manage it all.


The cannabis media powerhouse, Leafly, is now more than a go-to website for folks looking to find information on cannabis and cannabis strains; now it has a free, easy-to-use app readers can take in their pockets. Its millions of active users love it for the extensive reviews it offers on various strains, dispensaries, and cannabis-related products. You’ll also find medical indications for each strain, the effects you can expect to feel, and useful information on growing requirements, events, and cannabis news.

High There!

This is a fun app perfect for anyone who’s ever had an awkward conversation about his/her cannabis use with a potential date. Dubbed the Tinder of cannabis, High There! is basically a dating app for cannabis enthusiasts. The location-based platform matches users based on a wide variety of compatibility factors, including high-energy vs low-energy folks, people who prefer vaping to smoking, and what strains they’re are into. Finally, you can find your perfect match and avoid dates who don’t subscribe to the cannabis life altogether.

My Canary

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws AKA NORML developed My Canary to help cannabis users estimate their general level of impairment. Upon opening the app, you’ll be taken through a series of physical and mental tests that will assess your reasoning, reaction time, balance, and coordination. This way, you’ll have a much better grasp of whether you should hold off on sending that marijuana-infused work email.


For folks who are trying to find their perfect match in terms of cannabis strains and their effects, look no further than PotBot. This handy app functions as your virtual budtender. It will ask you to input information about any conditions you want to treat and the desired effects you’re after, then it will give you guidance on the right strains, cannabinoid levels, and consumption methods for your particular preferences. It will also give you recommendations on the best places to find that strain near your location.

Kelly Weimert

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