What Are the Strongest Cannabis Strains?

Lukas Barfield

May 5th, 2017

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The cannabis plant and man’s relationship with it goes back thousands of years. It is widely believed the first cannabis plants evolved in Eurasia, and spread from this general area to all parts of the world. Overtime, humans began to bread cannabis for its fiber, seed and cannabanoid potency.

Although cannabis is made up of 100’s of chemical constituents such as terpenes, two make up the largest percentage. These two molecules, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and more recently with the advent of better chemical testing, Cannabidiol (CBD), are today why cannabis is spreading at a rate faster than ever from its Eurasia roots. Due to their medicinal uses, in addition to their recreational effects, these two compounds have spurred a golden age of cannabis breeding in which the boundaries of plant chemistry are being pushed.

There are many factors that go into growing good cannabis, but strain selection is the first step to growing the best. Here are some of the THC strains and a CBD plant that continually rank as the strongest strains in the world.

Emperor Cookie Dough (THC)

This hybrid made the strongest THC strain list in 2016, and is one of two strains that tested over 30% THC in the 2016 Cannabis Cup. It is a cross of an Emperor OG with Girl Scout Cookies. Not for the first time user, this flower packs a punch. With its uplifting and euphoric effects it can be a great smoke for treating PTSD and depression. The sticky buds give off a strong smell of citrus with an aroma of cookies that will entice smokers back to the cookie jar time after time.

Cannatonic (CBD)

This cross between a female MK Ultra and a male G13 made High Times 2016 most potent strain list due to it testing 19% CBD. The medicating flower gives off a woody and earthy smell with a hint of citrus. The first CBD strain to win a High Times Sativa cannabis cup because of its balanced THC and CBD high has a long flowering time of 10 weeks.  known as a 2/1 strain because the CBD content typically tests twice as much as the THC, it gives a cerebral high that can be short lived, but highly effective for treating many medical conditions or just to relax.

Ghost Train Haze (THC)

The name tells you that this smoke may be a ride on the wild side and its numbers back that up. Testing up to 27.4% in High Times Cannabis Cups, this sativa dominant is a cross between a Nevils Wreck and a choice cut of Ghost OG. The thick resin coated buds emit a citrus and floral smell hinting at the presence of the highly medicinal terpenes, limonene and linalool. These terpenes contribute to the strains pain reliving effects, but it’s the high THC level that help’s this strain live up to its name. The flowering time may be a bit long for many growers, at 65-80 days.

Strawberry Cough (THC)

A unique blend of terpenes gives this strain a strong smell of strawberries, and the fruity flowers are best harvested at 8 weeks. Winning multiple Cannabis cups, this fragrant bud with unknown lineage consistently tests in the mid to upper 20 percent THC range. The high is long lasting and gives a spacey distant effect, perfect after a long day at work or before going out to a stressful event.

The White (THC)  

The White has quickly become a breeder’s choice when they are looking to increase the frostiness of their newest strain. The flowers are coated with a healthy dose of frosty trichomes when this Indica dominant female is ready for harvest in 60 days. Also known as Triangle Kush, the parents of this strain are unknown, but it’s thought The White is Florida bred. With a mild earthy and piney smell, it’s sometimes overlooked for more pungent smoke, but be assured it does the trick with the average test ranging from 20 to 28% THC.

Chem Dawg (THC)

It almost goes without saying Chem Dawg would be on the list of the world’s most powerful strains, but it stood out when it was only 1 of the 2 strains that tested over 30%, 32.1% to be exact, in  the High Times 2016 Cannabis Cup. This strain whose mysterious origins (Some say it was found in a pound in Denver and others say it was found in a block of hash purchased at a Grateful Dead show) is the parent of other heavy hitters like Sour Diesel and Sour Kush. The earthy and diesel tasting smoke give way to a cerebral high followed by a cozy indica effect. If trained right, the plants are high yielding and are ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks.

Bruce Banner (THC)

Bruce Banner, whose alter ego the Incredible Hulk was known to smash a thing or two, has risen in the ranks to become one of the world’s most potent flowers. Unlike his alter ego the Hulk, this pungent flower is mellow and relaxing, but consume with caution or you may get smashed by the Banner. The sativa dominant hybrid tests routinely in the 20 to upper 20’s in THC concentration. With a predominantly sweet taste and a hint of citrus, the flower is coated with thick trichomes, and ready for harvest in 8-10 weeks.

Gorilla Glue #4 (THC)

A popular strain in the US right now, this pungently piney and earthy smelling bud is becoming a favorite for those looking for strong medication or two unwind at a party. Just like its name sake this flower is sticky with resin and has been known to stick to fingers when handling. A complicated cross between Chem’s Sister, Sour Dub and Chocolate Diesel this winning hybrid gives a long smooth relaxing high, and growers can expect their sticky treat to be ready in 9 weeks.

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