Market Defining Companies Program

The marijuana industry is poised to grow exponentially and pioneering companies in the space have a chance to seize a share of this multi-billon dollar industry. During this transformative period, companies must educate a skeptical market on the easing regulatory environment and viability of their business models to engender confidence among longer-term investors.

The “Market-Defining Companies” video series affords investors the ability to discover first hand those MMJ and cannabis companies that are making real progress and becoming market leaders. This is your company’s opportunity to be distinguished from the influx of businesses that are taking advantage of the recent legalization movement and Department of Justice decision.

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Program Details

Dynamic video content attracts active investors in the burgeoning MMJ/cannabis industry through the most engaging online channels, including YouTube, CEOLive.TV, premium financial portals (i.e. Yahoo! Finance),, leading MMJ publications, and social media.

Video Interview with CEO

Video Production

  • Original content production
  • Incorporates existing corporate B-roll video
  • Final cut approved by company

Video Placement

  •, CFN YouTube Channel, and
  • Marijuana Index (TM) (

Original Coverage

  • Feature length article
  • Authored by team of MMJ financial writers
  • Video embedded in coverage
  • Broadens reach and context of video

Targeted Distribution of Coverage with Embedded Video

  • Syndicated on leading financial portals including Yahoo! Finance – inside MMJ peer group news feeds
  • Marijuana Index (TM) (
  • Active Traders, 100k names

Program Reach

Network Placement

  • Cannabis Financial Network
  • Marijuana Index(TM) (
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Account
  • CEOLive.TV
  • Google Finance
  • MarketWatch
  • Wall St. Cheat Sheet
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • 100k e-mails to active trader list: 15 to 20% open rate, highly engaged audience, e-mail has written coverage and highlights the article.
  • 15k views on YouTube
  • 10k likes on the company Twitter page
  • 300 likes for the video on the company Facebook page
  • Likely unique investor views on the written coverage: 5,000+
  • Likely unique investor views on the actual video (which is distributed separate from the article as well): 15,000+
  • Likely views on the e-mail creative with the article, the video, and other relevant company information: 15,000+

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