Marijuana Inhalers 101

Bethan Jenkins

July 25th, 2017


Cannabis contains more than 500 chemicals, with the most well-known chemical being phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is this active ingredient that gives cannabis users the “stoned” effect. Upon reacting with the brain, THC compounds engage with the brain’s Cannabinoid receptors. (Yep, we’ve all got them, didn’t you know?)

The green plant has been linked to higher IQ’s, decreased pain, better mood – the list goes on. In fact, man started using marijuana as a psychoactive substance thousands of years ago and the really exciting part is that as cannabis is gaining widespread acceptance around the States, the options for users are blossoming!

Spliffs, blunts and bongs aside, it seems that marijuana inhalers are taking the cannabis community by storm in particular. So, what is a marijuana inhaler and how does using one amplify the effects of THC on the mind and body? Let’s find out.

Vaporizing Marijuana Using an Inhaler

Remember when we spoke about TEVA’s cannabis inhaler in the past? Well, this tech product was a game-changer for marijuana consumption, much like the Vapen Clear was. Vapen’s product was the first ever pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) to be introduced to the world. Since this time, various devices have been welcomed into the weed market.

Specially created to deliver high-quality marijuana concentrates and extracts, marijuana inhalers are usually pocket-sized devices that provide the user with a selective dose of Cannabinoids. The “medicine” is blasted directly into the lungs scent-free. You would be forgiven for thinking that some weed inhalers are the same as bronchodilator inhalers used by asthma sufferers. Truth is, they are very similar in the sense that drugs can be delivered to the user in metered doses.

Is vaporizing a safe way to consume cannabis?

To answer the above question, yes. Although the idea of consuming cannabis might have you fretting about the potential health problems (particularly for your lungs), this is what makes vaping such a refreshing alternative to smoking. Vaporizing cannabis still provides the typical effects, minus the damage caused by smoke inhalation. Marijuana inhaler devices require the user to breathe in vapor, which is a type of steam, rather than a cloud of toxic smoke.

Raw cannabis is placed in the vaporizer, which could be either a desktop plug-in device or a handheld pen. Instead of being heated to combustion point, the cannabis or cannabis oil is accurately heated into vapor form. This results in lower temperatures, less carbon monoxide intake and a reduction in the level of toxic hydrocarbons being inhaled.

Using the Mystabis for Medicinal Value

Now that you’re well-informed about using marijuana inhalers for your puffing pleasure, you are probably wondering which product is worth spending money on. While there are myriad brands to consider, such as V2, MigVapor and Grenco Science, the Mystabis is currently claiming the spotlight. Offering “polite discretion” for its users, the Mystabis is a pressurized metered dose inhaler pMDI.

Created for medical marijuana users, Mystabis is a product inspired by a son’s desire to ease his cancer-stricken father’s pain. Crafted with pharmaceutical grade materials, the cannabis inhaler is loaded with natural marijuana extracts. A coarse puff of aerosol is sprayed into the mouth and when exhaled, only five percent of the cannabis leaves the lungs, thus allowing for sufficient medication.

The Mystabis Inhaler functions as follows:

  1. Medical grade HFA-134a liquid propellant is transported through the nozzle.
  2. The user’s lungs are filled with cannabis in the form of a fine mist.
  3. Marijuana medicine is deposited in the central area of the lungs and throat.
  4. After five minutes, the user feels relaxed and less vulnerable to any pain or discomfort they were feeling previously.

Although this product is approved for use by medical marijuana users, anyone with a recommendation from their doctor to use medical cannabis should still consult with their healthcare provider, prior to using Mystabis.

Reasons to Swap Weed Smoking for Weed Vaping

You are likely to get a lot more out of your marijuana when you inhale it with a vaping device, rather than packing it into a joint. Based on a study conducted by MAPS and NORML, a normal joint only converts 25 percent of the THC (if that), while a marijuana inhaler delivers as much as 46 percent of the THC to a user in water vapor form.

Here are some additional reasons to replace the smokes with a shiny marijuana inhaler:

  • Gain the freedom to try different cannabis strains with a vaping device
  • Safeguard your health in the long-term
  • Attract less attention when you take a hit
  • Treat your taste buds to new flavors
  • Get easy access to new products, upgrades and accessories online/at vape stores.

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Bethan Jenkins

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