What Are the Highest Yielding Outdoor Strains?

Bethan Jenkins

October 19th, 2017


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Cannabis cultivators have long been deciphering between whether  they ought to grow their weed indoors or outdoors. There are, of course, benefits of both. While certain growers will enjoy the privacy that comes with harvesting a potent crop of cannabis inside their own homes, outdoor growing techniques eliminate the need for ventilation systems and lights, making them a somewhat environmentally-friendly alternative.

Up to six plants can be legally grown in any house in California, no matter how many or how little people reside in the property. Whatever state you reside in, it’s always good to learn where your weed has been growing before you buy it. Natural soil, sunlight and oxygen will bolster the growth rate and outcome of pretty much any plant, with marijuana being no different.

On that note, growing marijuana outdoors is a sure-fire winner in this case. When the growing conditions are perfect (like those we just touched upon), an outdoor marijuana plant has the potential to yield 500 grams, or more!

Prior to the stage of picking your preferred seeds, planting them and pruning your crops, it’s wise to get the scoop on high-yielding strains.

Factors That Influence Strain Growth/Quality

Said to produce the best yields and heaviest harvests, XXL seeds are known for delivering a range of impressively sized classic crops, including the the Pure Power Plant (Feminized) and White Label Rhino. What’s more, every single bud is bigger when XXL strains are grown. So, what is it that has a direct effect on the highest yielding outdoor cannabis strains? A medley of influential factors, actually.

Even naturally high-yielding XXL strains must be grown in the right conditions to thrive, let alone other high-yielding strains. Every cannabis strain is 50% female and 50% male in the early stages. Upon reaching the age of six weeks (before the flowering stage), there will be a visible indication of the plant’s gender.

A feminine bud will, as opposed to a regular or male strain, will be concealed in thick resin. The marijuana plant’s male genetics produce this pollen and the female receives it. Fertilization then leads to rapid resin production, which enhances the ‘high’.

Listed below are the main factors to thank/blame for the result of your crop:

  • Light – With adequate lighting, the process of photosynthesis will enable your marijuana plant to make its own food.
  • Nutrients – Lack of nourishment will slow down growth, so nurture yours properly.
  • Temperature –  The environment need not be overly hot. In fact, the highest-yielding plants grow well in the mid 20s (Celsius) or mid 70s (Fahrenheit).
  • Water – Aside from watering your plant regularly, you should also be checking the quality and pH level.

The Highest Yielding Outdoor Strains

The quality of a plant’s appearance, smell, taste, texture and size, not to mention the quality of their stalks and trichome content, will be heavily influenced by the genetics of the seeds are infused with. Expect the buds to have a lighter tip if they are trichome-rich. Since trichomes have medicinal and psychoactive properties, they are a valuable product of marijuana cultivation.

Without further ado, let’s reveal the highest yielding outdoor strains:

  1. Honey Cream – This Indica-dominant strain is fast-flowering, with buds appearing in as little as six weeks. It has a sweet aroma and is suitable for growth anywhere around Europe. After exposing it to the summer sun from July-August, you’ll only have to wait until September for the plant to reach it’s budding potential. Yields could exceed heights of 250 cm and produce potent nuggets weighing just under 700 g.
  2. Speedy Chile – Also a fast-flowering strain for outdoor growth, this combination of Chile Indica and Green Poison comprises approximately 70% Indica genetics. The strain is very resistant to mould and the brief (6-week average) crop time allows outdoor growers to yield a plant with high THC content.
  3. Special Queen – An even blend of Indica and Sativa, this cross-breeder of Skunk and Power Bud has been known to grow as tall as 270 cm in outdoor environments with monitored conditions. The fact that its high yield is not heavily influenced by temperature means that growers in Northern Europe are drawn to Critical Kush.
  4. Critical Kush – Crossed with the well-known Critical x OG Kush strain, this strain will flower over the course of approximately seven weeks. It is 80% Indica and is a heavy-yielding option for growers in colder climates. When grown outdoors, the average plant will contain approximately 20% THC and will weigh-in at 500-550 g.
  5. Royal Domina – Made up of 85% Indica, this strain is a mix of Kalijah and Black Domina. Grow up to 600 g with a single plant between the harvesting months of September and October. Packed with THC, the aromatic buds wear a frosty white jacket of resin, so expect an intense high from this strain.

Tools for Better Cannabis Cultivation

Becoming a better grower is something that will most definitely advance with time. From the process of choosing cannabis seeds for outdoor growth to testing a mish-mash of growing merchandise for indoor cannabis yields, the experience is one to enjoy, relax and savor.

There’s always a little something that can push you along in the process, however. Don’t consider it cheating, but merely a way of expanding your knowledge on growing weed, plus giving yourself a chance to sample all of those delicious strains out there.

With pot paraphernalia in the form of bag clips, water transfer pipes, plant supports (useful for yielding heavy plants), nutrient pumps and syringes (for pH purposes) added to your collection, you’ll be cultivating at professional level in no time.

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