Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil: Is It Effective Against Cancer?

Bethan Jenkins

September 18th, 2017


Cannabis comes in many forms, including bud, flower, edibles, concentrates and potent oil, like Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. You have most likely heard about this particular cultivar before, which has been hailed as a natural medication for treating seizures. According to the United States federal law, this type of medical cannabis is deemed to be a dietary supplement and is marketed in such a way.

Containing high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Charlotte’s Web is perhaps one of the most renowned cannabis extracts for its medical potential. It is thanks to the oil’s high-CBD content that it has been legally marketed for the promotion of mind and body wellness. Pure extracts of this kind have a CBD to THC ratio of 30:1 and since Charlotte’s Web is a non-psychoactive strain, there’s no wonder why the cultivar has gained popularity for patients of all ages.

Among the many medical conditions that this hemp whole-plant organic hemp extract oil has been scientifically proven to treat, Charlotte’s Web CBD oil has yet to be given the green light as a cancer cure. However, if you think hope is lost, it’s not.

The Story of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Originating in Colorado, the Cannabis sativa strain was cultivated by Jesse and Joel Stanley, A.K.A. the Stanley Brothers. Claimed to be the “world’s most trusted hemp extract“, the naturally-crafted CBD oil was named after Charlotte Figi – a young girl who experienced relief from Dravet Syndrome instantly after consuming cannabis oil. Formerly confined to life in a wheelchair, Charlotte was struggling with as many as 300 seizures a week by age five, despite trying every medication possible.

It was when the young girl was aged six that she hit headlines for the first time, after her parents, Matt and Paige Figi, opted to administer their daughter with medical marijuana as a means of curing her rare form of epilepsy. Soon after reading positive testimonials pertaining to medical cannabis as a treatment for seizures, the Figi’s took a noble yet difficult step to obtain marijuana for their daughter. At this point, Charlotte could not eat, talk or walk properly. With the medication doing more harm than good, medical marijuana seemed to be the only option left.

Charlotte is now famous for becoming the youngest patient in her home state of Connecticut to apply for a medical marijuana card, of which was granted by Dr. Margaret Gedde. The results of using CBD oil were outstanding and Charlotte’s seizures stopped almost immediately after she began consuming the oil in her food twice daily. This led to the family seeking out help from the founders of the Realm of Caring Foundation – the Stanley Brothers. By means of crossbreeding a low-THC cannabis strain with industrial hemp, Charlotte’s Web was invented.

The Stanley Brothers Promote CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment

As the people responsible for the creation of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, it goes without saying that the Stanley Brothers would advocate the oil as a miracle cure for a wide range of ailments. Something that really grasps people’s attention is the fact that the Stanley Brothers were brought up in an evangelical Christian family, yet they are undoubtedly two of today’s largest US cannabis oil producers.

Not only do the brothers promote Charlotte’s Web hemp for having anti-tumor properties (based on preclinical studies) but also, they encourage the general public to consider using high-CBD cannabis strains for the treatment of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, migraines, arthritis, PTSD, diabetes and interestingly, cancer. Described as “God’s plant” by the duo, Charlotte’s Web is now being considered a hopeful cure for cancer.

Cannabis as a Cancer Cure

So, it is being praised as a plant that can cure cancer, but how exactly does the evidence stack up? Well, cancer-stricken patients as young as seven years old (like Landon Riddle) have started taking control of their illness by using medical marijuana. Although the proof is currently restricted to anecdotal reports, cannabis is said to cause the death of cancer cells and for many patients suffering from leukemia, this is proving true.

Numerous undistinguished medical journals have published studies and reports related to using cannabis as a cancer cure and get this: Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the marijuana plant’s 113 cannabinoids and, miraculously, evidence shows that leukemia cells are linked to cannabinoid receptors. When CBD attaches to the leukemia cells, they die. This means that CBD might just be the missing puzzle piece to cure cancer altogether.


Studies also show how CBD-rich cannabis extracts could effectively treat and cure colon cancer, which is another reason why Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is growing in popularity for medical purposes. While there is nothing set in stone to say that Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is effective against cancer quite yet, there is a lot to suggest that medical marijuana destroys cancer. Even the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Drug Abuse have confessed that cannabis does in fact shrink brain tumors and kill cancer cells.

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